are you lookin' to get stabbed?

winter is coming FOR YOUR ASS, BITCH

18 October 1987
likes stuff and also things
cannot sleep ever
doesn't like people
but surprisingly friendly!

this journal is friends-only, out of DEEP-SEATED PARANOIA
if you add me, comment and let me know, or I'll think you're a spam zombie and not add you back.
I probably will, though, if I get the impression you've got anything to say
I'm not picky or anything, I just don't trust robots.

aliens, however...

50's/60's girl-pop, accents, alcohol, alice in wonderland/chains, allen ginsberg, allen/winehouse: musical superfriends, almost famous, amanda palmer, amy sedaris, ancient history, andy warhol, ani difranco, art, asoiaf, band of brothers, batman, beautiful people (uk show), betty blowtorch, bluesy rock, bob dylan, books, breaking bad, bruce campbell, cate blanchett, chocolate, coffee, comic books, community, concerts, cult movies, david bowie, deadpool, dirty jokes, doctor who, douglas adams, drugs, duff mckagan, eddie izzard, epic homosexual romances, ewan mcgregor, extreme gratuitous movie violence, fantasy/supernatural creatures, firefly, fluid sexuality, food, foreign films, fred and george weasley, funky-ass basslines, futurama, gary oldman, gay rights, george harrison, ginger snaps, girls who rock, good omens, guitar, guns n' roses, harmonica, harry potter, heavy metal, hunter s. thompson, jack daniels, janis fuckin' joplin, jim morrison, jimi hendrix, john lennon, johnny depp, jon stewart, josh homme's various bands, kate winslet, keith moon, keith richards, kevin smith, kristen bell, lady gaga, led zeppelin, leonardo da vinci, lightsabers, lord of the rings, lost, merry and pippin, musicals, neil gaiman, neil young, nerdery, nightcrawler, nine inch nails, nirvana, oz, paul mccartney, pete townshend, photography, pink floyd, pirates, pj harvey, places i've never been, quentin tarantino, rachel maddow, remus lupin, ringo starr, robert downey jr, sayid jarrah, sci-fi and fantasy, science, scottish guys, shakespeare, simon pegg, sirius black, sirius/remus, sitar, skins, slash, south park, spaced, spice girls, star trek, star wars, steampunk, stephen colbert, strangers with candy, sublime, supernatural, syd barrett, tattoos and piercings, the beatles, the brothers bloom, the dresden dolls, the pacific, the pixies, the ramones, the rolling stones, the white stripes, the who, thunderstorms, trainspotting, transmetropolitan, ubiquitous synergy seeker, venture bros, veronica mars, vertigo comics, video games, watchmen, writing, ww2, x-men, ziggy's rainbow socks o'doom, zombies